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We believe that, with the right preparation and maintenance, landscapes can be beautiful, beneficial and long lasting!

We achieve this through our thorough knowledge of soils and plants – and how they function together – along with our keen eye for design.

Dream Green Horticultural Solutions offers its horticulture, landscape and gardening services throughout NSW and the ACT.

Our Horticultural Services

Dream Green offers a range of horticultural and landscape services. Whether this be for a garden or civil project, Dream Green has the knowledge to help.

We specialise in:

Soil Testing and Management

Dream Green’s Brendan Smith has studied soils in great depth. He knows that a thriving garden starts with getting the soil right. Dream Green:

All Dream Green’s work is customised to your situation and what you want to achieve.

Dream Green, Soil Testing and Management
Dream Green Horticultural Solutions, Brendan Smith

Meet Brendan

Brendan Smith from Dream Green has been involved in the horticultural and landscape industry for more than 15 years. Having grown up in the beautiful Southern Highlands, he has a passion and skill set for creating gardens that are both beautiful and functional.

Featured Landscaping Projects

Dream Green Horticultural Solutions, Cottage garden

Low-Maintenance Cottage Garden

Soil preparation was crucial for this cottage garden of perennials - and minimal lawns to mow.
Dream Green Horticultural Solutions, Courtyard Garden

Heat-Hardy Courtyard Garden

A new garden bed created a cost-effective solution for a hot paved area.
Dream Green Horticultural Solutions, low-maintenance garden

Low-Maintenance Garden

After soil prep, we designed and built a water-friendly garden with a mix of exotics and natives.

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